• Deal with it quickly so that it is less likely to stain
  • Don’t rub, or you will damage the yarn
  • Don’t use salt or white wine on a red wine spill
  • Work from the outside inwards to limit the affected area
  • Use a cleaner designed for wool, working it in with a brush, sponge or cloth, then rinsing
  • When you have finished, blot thoroughly and brush the pile in the right direction
  • If you are in any doubt, call a professional carpet cleaner

Method A

Blot with clean, white cloth. When you have removed the excess liquid, use a solution made of one teaspoon of wool detergent with half a pint of water. Sponge gently then rinse with clean, warm water. Blot thoroughly, brush the pile in it’s natural direction and leave to dry.

Method B

Sponge the stain with a household dry-cleaning fluid, according to the instructions on the pack. Don’t soak. Open the windows so the room can air thoroughly.

Method C

Sponge the mark with a solution of 1 part of white vinegar to 3 parts clean, warm water. Leave for 15 Minutes then sponge with clean, warm water, blot thoroughly and gently brush the pile in it’s natural direction.

StainMethod AMethod BMethod CAdditional Instructions
Animal and baby accidents X   
Ballpoint pen X  Sponge with methylated spirits first
Beers, Wines and spirits X   
Bleach X   
Blood  Followed by Method A
Butter  X Followed by Method A
Chewing gum  X First apply freezing agent, break away when hard
Chocolate  Scrape off excess first
Cola (Soft drinks)   XFollowed by Method A
Cooking oil   
Cosmetics and Lipstick X If unsuccessful try Method A
Cream  X Followed by Method A
Floor wax  X  
Fruit juice  Followed by Method A
Furniture and shoe polish  X Followed by Method A
Gravy and sauces   XFollowed by Method A
Grease and oil  X Followed by Method A
Ink (Fountain pen)   XFollowed by Method A
Mineral and tonic water X   
Milk   XFollowed by Method A
Mustard X   
Metal polish  Followed by Method A
Nail polish  Dab with nail polish remover first
Paint (emulsion)  Blot excess, method C followed by Method A
Paint (Oil-based)  Dab with white spirit first
Rust  X Followed by Method A
Salad Dressing  Followed by Method B
Soot  Vacuum thoroughly first
Tar  X If needed, follow by dabbing with eucalyptus oil
Tea and coffee   XFollowed by Method A
Tomato juice   
Urine X   
Vomit X   
Wax  X Scrape off excess, iron at a low temperature over brown paper